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Rachel Edwards

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Life & Career Coaching

If you are ready to invest in yourself and to make a change in your life then I will help you to achieve your goals.  Even if you aren’t clear on what your goals are I can work with you to unlock, explore and gain clarity.  It will help you understand your mind, true values and dissolve any self limiting beliefs.

My key mantra is  Trust > Support > Transform

If you’re interested let’s talk! I offer a free 30 mins discovery session and this is done over the phone.

Looking for something more out of your life?

Unlock Your Full Potential. Say Hello to THE BEST YOU

Are you looking for something more out of your life? Are you ready to make a big change?

Are you feeling like something isn’t quite right in your life or career and don’t know what it is?

Do you feel you were successful at an earlier stage of your life but have now lost your way?

Are you looking to learn more about yourself to help you choose the right career path?

Do you want to unlock your full potential and be the best you?

Are you looking to feel fulfilled and do something for you rather than just being a parent, a wife/husband, a partner, a carer?

Are you wanting to change direction in your career or start your own business but lack confidence?

Do you have lots of ideas but don't know where to start to make them a reality?

How I Can Help You

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About Me

I live in Edinburgh and have done so for 15 years, having previously lived in the Midlands, England. I feel privileged to live in such a beautiful and vibrant city and enjoy the inspiration that it brings to my life!   My core career has been spent in the banking industry and, within that, my most fulfilling and happiest times were when I was developing and coaching people.

I’ve been a trainer, a mentor, a facilitator, a leadership coach and a strengths coach.  Given this experience, I’ve helped many people unlock their talents and potential to progress in their career and to overcome difficult and challenging situations with their colleagues and managers.  I’ve calmed stormy waters where personalities have clashed and guided people through troublesome relationships both personal and work related, boosting and strengthening their self-confidence and resilience.  I have a genuine, warm and caring approach with a natural intuition to provoke debate, to challenge and  disrupt the norm and gain rich and insightful results. I’ve always been fascinated with how people tick and how people can achieve and be the best they can be with no limitation.

I am a professional, accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF), the Association for Coaching (AfC) and Gallup Accredited Strengths Coach and I also have experience in Performance and Leadership Coaching.

Let’s Talk


“We started our sessions over zoom and it has been one of the most rewarding experiences of 2020 so far for me. Rachel is a great listener who I felt from the moment I met her had my best interests at heart. The sessions have been an invaluable tool in allowing me to look at myself consciously and without judgement. Through a value exercise I was able to learn what was most important to me and prioritise these values in all aspects of my life, which is assisting me in living a more fulfilled and meaningful life. Since our sessions I have started my own business, set a long-term goal for my career and life and started to take charge of all the important relationships in my life. I have learned to be kinder to myself and now see the value in journaling. For me I see coaching as an ongoing exercise and I’m sure Rachel and I will have more sessions in the future. Thank you, Rachel.”


Business Owner, Edinburgh

“It was a moment of serendipity when I met Rachel.  In the last month I have been allowed to dig deep and bring forward inner peace, direction and confidence (on both a personal and professional basis) that I only dreamed of being possible.  I’d say to my two girls, the world is your oyster and, for the first time, I really feel the same applies to me.  This is all thanks to Rachel and her kind, natural and warm personality.  My time with her is thought provoking, she has a knack of bringing my thoughts to the forefront of my mind in the most organic and geniune way.  It’s just incredible and so is she.”


Business Owner, Edinburgh

“Rachel started coaching me in 2017 and immediately distinguished herself from other coaches I have worked with over the years. She took the time to listen and observe me in conversation and in my workplace, identifying character traits and habits that we then explored in more detail to drive improvements in my self awareness and my performance. She has a great blend of professional skills and a very calming and reassuring manner and is a true pleasure to work with.”


Bank Executive, Edinburgh

“Earlier this year I was at a point in my life and career where I didn’t know up from down. So many things had happened since February 2020 and I’d been unable to get any focus for the future.

I decided I needed to work with a life coach and began an online search. Something about Rachel’s statements on her webpage appealed to me more than coaches in my area. Although I live in Leeds and Rachel is in Edinburgh, we were in the middle of lockdown, everything was happening by phone or zoom and I thought “what the heck, it doesn’t matter where we are in the world these days”, so I contacted her.  In the space of a few coaching sessions Rachel helped me pull my thoughts together and begin to think about what direction my career could take. She listened and challenged me (at my request) on some things that I couldn’t get past, or was reluctant to view from a different angle.  I looked forward to each session because I would be energised and full of enthusiasm after each one.  Rachel is a very easy person to talk to and it felt like I was talking to a friend who really had my interests at heart. With her help and guidance I now have a definite focus and can see the directions I need to take.”



“I approached my life coaching sessions with an open mind, extremely willing to talk, to explore ideas and ‘tussel’ with past issues and regrets. Having spent many years practising Reiki and doing self help workshops I fully understood the benefits of facing up to and dealing with negative emotions. Not for one minute did I expect each session to be so mind blowing, often leaving me both emotionally and physically drained, an over whelming cathartic experience, each time!

Left to choose what I wanted to explore, each journey very quickly saw me deviate and revisit old issues, once believed to be put to rest, only to discover that they were just lying dormant.

Under Rachel’s guidance we talked through various topics, learning to view past decisions in a more positive and acceptable way, to understand and accept other’s actions and finally lay to rest hurts and regrets. Never would I have expected prior to starting this journey with Rachel that I would have found this coaching to be so life changing…. I thought I knew and already had the answers to the majority of my issues. Now I see things in a whole new light… and will continue to use what I have learned here. If you are looking to truly change/evolve and move on to another level of your life then under Rachel’s guidance you will find the answers…. within!

Words cannot really say how magical / tearful / loving / supportive / enlightening these sessions have been…. awesome! I’m extremely grateful to have had this opportunity…. Rachel’s  a true angel.”

Anne Marie

EA, Edinburgh

“Rachel is a rare breed of person who listens intently and without judgement. From the first session, she helped me unlock some of the fears I had about progressing in my career and every conversation we had thereafter was thought provoking. I would highly recommend speaking to Rachel if you are trying to get past a mental block or to help with more self-awareness.

I found her warm and calm manner genuinely caring and unlike some coaches, she seems to really care and stays in touch.
Rachel is someone who I have benefited from seeing and will not hesitate to contact her again in the future.”


Lawyer, Edinburgh

“Career coaching is not something I had ever considered or had experience with, so did not know what to expect.  However I am very glad that I decided to contact Rachel.  Right from the first contact Rachel has been very easy to talk with, and I felt we had great rapport even after one conversation.  Before working with Rachel I felt a little lost and overwhelmed about the direction of my career. Rachel is a great listener and skilfully guided the conversations, and challenged me regularly on my thinking. All this whilst allowing me to explore who I am and helped me uncover invaluable insights. Such as my personal values that I align to and also understanding how I like to work as a person. With a shift in mindset I now feel much more positive and focussed about my career going forward, and life in general.

Even though I have only worked with Rachel in a short space of time, I feel we have achieved so much.  Coaching will now be an ongoing process for me and I will certainly be working with Rachel in the future.  If like me you are new to this or are a little sceptical but are looking for some help, then I would recommend you contact Rachel.  I am sure she will be able to help you as she has helped me immensely.  I look forward to having many more light bulb moments in our future sessions!”



Rachel was a really approachable and fantastically useful coach for me. When I first approached the sessions, I wasn’t sure what to expect as I hadn’t previously experienced any coaching but I was really pleasantly surprised by how much of a difference each session made.

Rachel was brilliant at listening and providing guidance and also, on occasion, challenging the way I was framing a particular issue.

I found the sessions completely transformed how I approached my work and really helped my confidence in engaging with the kinds of conflict situations that I dread. I am definitely hoping to work with Rachel again in future and would highly recommend her as a coach.


University Professor, Edinburgh

“Embarking on Life Coaching was a huge step for me and Rachel was reassuring right from the start. Working with her has been a wonderfully positive and enlightening experience. Rachel’s ability to guide with patient listening and to respond with thought provoking and challenging questions has helped me enormously. I found her genuine warmth and empathy encouraging and supportive. In every session there was space to reflect and to explore. I highly recommend Rachel and hope to work with her again in the future.”


Business Owner, Edinburgh

“In the beginning I wasn’t really sure what to expect but went in to coaching with an open mind. With the help and direction of Rachel I am able to see my full potential and I have a much clearer understanding of how I can achieve my goals. Rachel’s style mirrored me and adapted to my mood on the day and this was a huge aid to me. We quickly built up a great rapport and Rachel knew exactly how to challenge my thoughts and really get me thinking. Such a wonderful skill to have! My dreams are much closer with Rachel’s help and I’ve learnt to realise that everyone deserves ambition. It’s not selfish, it’s essential. The whole experience was extremely positive and empowering. Thank you Rachel!”


Digital Creator, Edinburgh

“Rachel is a highly engaging coach who is able to add real value by getting to know you quickly then on the back of that provides valuable insights that really hit home.  The actions I took after the coaching sessions allowed me to focus on two specific actions which have materially assisted me in my role.

One of the best coaches I have come across in my career.”


Bank Senior Manager, Edinburgh

Identify your need. Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. Reward Yourself.


What Happens When You Get In Touch?


We start with a free, confidential, no-obligation, 30 minute  introductory discovery session on the phone.  I invite you to share a little about yourself and what’s brought your interest in coaching to the fore and what you would like to explore in our sessions.   I will answer any questions you may have and share some information on coaching and how our coaching sessions could work.  You can then decide after this if you would be interested in some coaching sessions.

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