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Accelerated Life & Career Coaching

What Is Personal Life & Career Coaching?

This is a conversation based approach to help you explore your thoughts, feelings, ambitions and goals without judgement or limitations.  It is a journey of self discovery and self awareness.  It will move you from where you are now to where you want to be.  It will help you gain a positive, resilient mindset so you move toward achieving your life goals. As your coach, I will help you navigate your journey, unlock your full potential, dream big and gain clarity and focus to be the best you can be.


I'm worried about confidentiality, what happens with our conversations?

Confidentiality is very important to build on the key foundation of trust between you and I.  During the initial discovery session we will discuss privacy and confidentiality policies and I will arrange for a coaching agreement to be sent to you once we have agreed the basis for our sessions.

How does pricing work for the investment I make in my life?

During the first, free, discovery session I will gain a clear understanding of your requirements and subsequently send you a quote outlining the investment you will make.

What times do you run your sessions and how long are they?

We can agree a mutually acceptable schedule but usually they will take place between 8am and 8pm.  The length of our sessions will vary according to your requirements but generally last around an hour.  We would meet in person, on a call or using Zoom as a video interface to suit your preference.

Do I sign up for one session or does it go on until I stop it?

After the initial, free, discovery session which will be 30 minutes you can choose to have one intensive two hour session if you wish to quickly resolve a specific challenge or you can purchase a block of three, six or twelve sessions.  This will be discussed at the end of our discovery session.

What Is CliftonStrengths* Coaching?

This is based on the research and teachings of Dr. Donald Clifton, author and educational psychologist, developed further by Gallup.  Dr. Clifton said ‘there is no more effective way to empower people than to see each person in terms of his or her strengths’, teaching that if we focus on our natural innate talents we will be more fulfilled, more productive and happier in our personal and working lives.

This coaching starts with your completion of an online assessment, which will produce a report identifying where you have the greatest potential for building strength and provides insight into how you process your thinking, how you approach tasks, issues and resolve problems.

It lists your 34 strengths in order, from most significant strengths through to your lesser strengths. I will work with you to navigate through the report, to bring it to life and to help you understand what the results mean, how you can invest in and develop your talents so that you can maximise them effectively in any aspect of your life.

*CliftonStrengths is a Trademark of Gallup



How do I complete the online test?

I will send you a link to the test which I will ask you to pay for separately (the cost currently is $49.99 / £38).  You can also redeem a free code to access the test if you purchase ‘StrengthsFinder 2.0’ or ‘How full is your bucket?’  This will be detailed in the link I send you.

How many sessions would I generally need, to understand the results and how I can use them in my life?

This can vary but generally there are 3 stages: 1) Getting to know you 2) Strengths Report Analysis 3) Action planning.  However these stages can be customised to provide the best package for your needs.  This can be discussed and agreed in the 30 minute free discovery session.

How much will the coaching cost?

During the discovery session we can discuss costs, based on your needs, and then I will draw up a quote, along with a coaching agreement document which outlines privacy and confidentiality, to send and for you to sign and agree.

What Is Team Life & Career Coaching?

Both Life Coaching and CliftonStrengths Coaching, described in the separate sections, can be adopted effectively within the Corporate environment, to support yours or a team member’s personal development and effectiveness.

For the purpose of improving team effectiveness, staff engagement, leadership, collaboration and communication within your organisation, CliftonStrengths Coaching can be used as a powerful group coaching and team building tool.

Through this, each team member would understand their own strengths and their colleagues’ strengths.  The group session(s) would reveal a summary of findings including where the core strengths lie across the team and where there are gaps.  We would explore together how these gaps can be filled by maximising the use and combination of all individuals’ strengths.   It builds an acceptance and understanding within the team on why individuals think, feel and behave the way they do.  It also helps to bond the team and quickly gain a view on who would work best on various projects/activities, thus making the best use of all resource available.  It creates a great basis for discussion at future one to one sessions between team leader and individual team  members and at regular team meetings.


How many sessions would this take?

This would vary and each package is bespoke to meet the leader’s/team’s needs and goals.  The requirements would be understood during the discovery session which I would have with the team leader.

For a group session to be most effective, I would recommend that each team member completes an individual online test and have a minimum of 2 individual coaching sessions.  Following this, a group strengths session could be held (normally 2-3 hours) 

Could we blend life coaching and strengths coaching or are they distinct?

Should the blend meet the team leader’s requirements and add richness to the outcome yes that would not be a problem.

What Is Accelerated Life & Career Coaching?

This is a two day intense and focussed life & career coaching experience.  It will give you time to switch off from the responsibilities of every day life to really focus on you.  Two days in a top class hotel,  where you will have time to relax, unwind and declutter your mind to spend time on you, and only you.

Each day I will spend time with you, as your coach, for a number of coaching sessions with plenty of time in between for you to 'soak up' and reflect on everything you learn and discover about yourself.  It will help you gain focus on your purpose and values, clarity of thought and understanding about work and personal relationships.

By the end of this programme we will develop a plan dedicated and focused on you for the coming months and your ongoing coaching requirements.


How do I find out what is involved?

To fully understand what is involved we will have  a 30 min discovery session exploring your requirements and tailoring the accelerated session to achieve your goals.  Please get in touch for more details.

Do I choose the location and hotel?

We will discuss during our discovery session your bespoke requirements and at that point agree on a time and place for your accelerated programme.

What financial investment will I be making to transform my life?

This programme is a very focused form of life coaching and will be intensive for both of us in our coaching partnership.  The investment reflects the value you will gain from the bespoke, accelerated learning experience and whilst this programme will not be suitable for all, we will discuss and make clear the pricing structure for the event.





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